call for testing: proposed qemu packages for raring

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at
Wed Nov 28 15:34:42 UTC 2012


as discussed at the UDS-R qemu session, upstream qemu and qemu-kvm are
finally almost identical.  Debian intends to get rid of the separate
qemu-kvm package, with all functionality coming from the qemu tree. The
packaging branch where this is being done is at


At ppa:serge-hallyn/crossc for raring, I've built a set of packages
based on this tree.  The idea is for this tree to replace the qemu-kvm
and qemu-linaro source packages.  (The qemu-kvm-spice package would
likely still need to be a separate source tree in universe.)  There
would continue to be a qemu-linaro ppa, published monthly, for users who
need the very latest arm patches.

I'm testing the result right now and it seems to be doing well at least
on amd64.  It has the 1.2.0 qemu.git upstream source plus the
qemu-linaro arm patches.

This is a huge switch, and not one we should take during 14.04.
Therefore I think we should try this switch asap (or not at all).  If
you have any time to try out these packages on a raring install,
feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Of course, general packaging
review would also be very welcome.

Note that currently you must explicitly specify --enable-kvm.  I'll
probably add a patch to default to --enable-kvm when argv[0] is


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