Patch Pilot report for March 22nd

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Fri Mar 23 01:00:19 UTC 2012

Primarily focused on SRUs.  Got through about half a dozen.

851612: SRU: lightdm user switching
  - Already rejected by pitti since patch is an incomplete fix
  - Unsubbed sponsors

958841: SRU: Security issue
  - Filled out SRU.  (Not sure it's required for SRUs...)
  - Verified patches build
  - Left for security team to handle, unsubbed sponsors

962599: Regression in -vmware, causing loss of XA support
  - Due to sync with debian, losing the ubuntu XA changes
  - Sponsored upload to Precise

943502: SRU: Backport new release
  - Last few comments indicate this is intended for -backports rather
    than sru.
  - Unsubscribed sponsors, verified backport team subbed

955883: SRU: squid3 fix for an assertion
  - Filled in SRU docs
  - Rejiggered patch to make it apply cleanly
  - Packaged (dpatch)
  - Unsub sponsors, sub ubuntu-sru team
  - Sponsored upload of SRU to Oneiric

953753: SRU: Update spanish translation for klavaro in oneiric
  - Filled in SRU docs
  - Packaged patch, verified build
  - Sponsored upload of SRU to Oneiric

955791: SRU: Fix memcpy bug in mawk
  - Filled in SRU docs
  - Sponsored upload to Precise
  - Sponsored upload of SRU to lucid,maverick,natty,oneiric

948461: disable http pipelining for cloud-init for use with s3 clouds
  - Filled in SRU docs
  - Clint appears to be sponsoring this one

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