[RFC] Drop Non-smp PowerPC Kernel Flavor

Jeremy Kerr jeremy.kerr at canonical.com
Mon Mar 19 02:20:21 UTC 2012

Hi Patrick,

> The only Apple PowerPC machines that can use the 64-bit image are the
> G5's

Plus the PS3.

> (but I believe they could also use the standard SMP one).

We only have one flavour of the 64-bit kernel, and it's SMP.

> Honestly, I don't think we can really drop any of the kernels.  Any
> dual processor machine is going to use the SMP kernel (and there's a
> lot of dual processor G4's out there...), and any single processor
> machine needs the non-smp kernel, right?

No, single processor machines should be able to use the SMP kernel.

>  So, wouldn't dropping any
> of them mean dropping support one of following:  single processor
> machines, SMP support, or 64-bit support.

The idea here is that we should be able to drop the 32-bit UP kernel 
without losing any machine support.



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