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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Mar 19 07:24:02 UTC 2012

Hello all,

during my patch piloting this morning I got to the following:

samba (LP #958534): upload
klavaro (LP #953753): needs upstreaming
eglibc (LP #953171): apparently not supposed to be uploaded by sponsors, unsubscribed
gtest (LP #949942): needs forwarding to Debian, explain how
selinux (LP #955426): upload with improved patch
ubuntu-dev-tools (LP #956903): merge branch
intltool (LP #957094): upload with better changelog, forward to Debian
xfonts-encodings (LP #957045): upload with better changelog, forward to Debian
gtk-doc (LP #957137): commit and upload to debian, merge to Ubuntu
diffutils (LP #957353): upload
u-boot-linaro (LP #956037): upload
python-numpy (LP #956901): upload
emesene (LP #956422): upload
geany (LP #942154): upload
tvtime (lp:~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/tvtime/tvtime.fix-372822+947845+947850+951473+more): upload
gnomeradio (lp:~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/gnomeradio/gnomeradio.fix-954993+955462+more): upload

29 items at the start of my shift, 13 at the end.

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