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Fri Mar 16 12:36:04 UTC 2012

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Here's what I got up to today:
  Tweaked patch tags slightly and uploaded to oneiric-proposed.
  Already uploaded - MP was strange as it was proposing merging
oneiric-updates into oneiric - fed back to proposer and asked them to
delete the MP.
  This bug report is a little confused as its unclear whether this is
an SRU or a request for a backport.  I've asked the reporter to
confirm which is required and pointed him at the relevant processes.
Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors for the time being.
  Package not in the archive for oneiric - asked proposer to withdraw MP.
  Not yet ready for review - needs a FFe however it is handled.
Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors for the time being and asked reporter to
resubscribe when ready.
  Proposed changes to upstart configuration will break in some types
of deployment - provided feedback on bug report, unsubscribed
ubuntu-sponsors and suggested that reporter propose a more appropriate
fix against the ubuntu packaging branch owned by ubuntu-server-dev.
  Covered by Merge Proposal - unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  This one took sometime (its big);  provided feedback on a couple of
specific issues and generally expressed concern about the number of
patches being carried for non-bug related trivial issues (compilation
warnings, typos in debug messages etc) - recommended the proposer
review.  Marked 'Needs Fixing'
  Pending final fix from upstream packagers; FFe approved and
archive-admin ready to review; I will pick up sponsoring the uploads
when ready (as I have done most of the review to-date).  Unsubscribed
  The original patch has been accepted upstream - however they have
not yet released 1.60; thanked the contributor for his revised patch
for precise but recommended that we wait for the upstream release as
this is only a minor typo in the manpage. Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  Required updates have been made to the debdiff for natty and SRU
details appeared to be in order - tweaked changelog to have a bit more
detail and uploaded to natty-proposed. Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  Covered by Merge Proposal also in the queue - Unsubscribed
  MP for above.  Changelog needed work and patches had limited
tagging.  Provided feedback.  This is a large set of patches outside
my specific area of expertise so review from a dev who has more
knowledge appreciated - I did check that it built!
  Changelog needed quite a bit of work and package has not been
updated for a long time - provided feedback to reporter/contributor on
what needs to be fixed.  Turns out jot is not that random in some use
  Work already completed upstream by Chuck; thanked contributor for
his work and explained that it would land in precise in the next few
days when we do the next weekly release.  Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  dholbach beat me to it....
  Changelog and patch required some further work - queried whether it
might be better to re-sync from Debian which now has version 1.6.

That's me done for today (aside from landing the zentyal packages...)



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