Should foreign Priority: Required + Multi-Arch: same packages be installed by default with any foreign package?

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Mar 5 04:02:48 UTC 2012  is a bug
where Wine breaks because it doesn't have the i386 libncurses5, but only
on amd64.  libncurses5 has never been an explicit depends of Wine,
because it's always been on the system anyway - it wasn't until users
were installing i386 Wine on an amd64 system that it became possible to
not have the library.

I imagine there will be similar cases like this in the future, as a lot
of packages (correctly) assume that required packages are available.  I
believe even debhelper won't autogenerate dependencies on them.

So, I suggest:
 - If the user is installing a foreign arch package
 - and there are uninstalled priority:required packages for that arch
 - and these packages are also installed on the system
 - and these packages are marked multi-arch: same

Then they should be treated as Recommends and installed automatically.

Thoughts?  Too late to do this for Precise?

Scott Ritchie

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