ClickPads and Click Actions

Barry Warsaw barry at
Fri Mar 2 20:04:11 UTC 2012

On Mar 01, 2012, at 11:35 AM, Clint Byrum wrote:

>As a former tap-to-click hater who has come back around, I think this
>was largely a result of the drivers being deficient at identifying
>intentional vs. unintentional touches to the touchpad.
>With each release, this behavior has gotten better.. in 11.04 it was
>impossible to have tap to click on. In 11.10 it was actually fine on
>my MacBookPro 5,1, but just plain didn't work on my Air 4,1. So far in
>precise, both of them have been 99% effective at avoiding the dreaded
>"oops" click when using the default evdev driver. The synaptics input
>driver still has problems.
>So just put me down as somebody who used to express frustration over the
>dismal state of tap to click, but now quite enjoys it, and will be fine
>with having that, and two-finger-tap for right clicking on my two Macs.

Do you have a problem with palm detection?  On my older MBP1,1 this is so
problematic (even with palm detection enabled in Precise) that I basically
have to turn off tapping and scrolling, or switch to a Magic Trackpad.  This
may be mostly due to my ancient hardware, in which case, just ignore me. :)


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