ClickPads and Click Actions

Barry Warsaw barry at
Fri Mar 2 19:57:07 UTC 2012

On Feb 29, 2012, at 01:11 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:

>I recently added "ClickPad" support in Precise. This is automatically picked
>up by most Synaptics and all Apple Macbook trackpads. It will soon be picked
>up by more Synaptics trackpads and the Apple Magic Trackpad. ClickPad support
>entails the ability to press the trackpad with one finger and perform a drag
>by moving a second finger.

This sounds great.  I'm so glad that Macs are getting better support as a
primary native Ubuntu platform.

>We can enable the right button area by default for all clickpads. The problem
>is that Apple trackpads do not have a marking for a right button area, and OS
>X doesn't provide such a feature. People coming from OS X will have to figure
>out that we a) don't have click action support, and b) if you click in the
>lower right area you will perform a right button click. However, people
>coming from OS X also expect to be able to click and drag with two fingers...

If you're coming from OS X, isn't control-click the gesture equivalent to a
right click?  I don't think that's currently supported on Ubuntu, and it may
be too late for Precise, but I think that would be the ideal way to handle
things for the easiest migration from OS X to Ubuntu.


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