Firefox: Suggested font packages for MathML

Frédéric WANG at
Tue Jun 26 15:12:45 UTC 2012

Dear Ubuntu maintainers,

I'm one of the main developer of the Mozilla MathML Project. I've just 
looked at the suggested packages for Firefox

and noticed the "latex-xft-fonts" package. This package is said to be 
"useful for Mozilla Firefox with MathML documents". This is no longer 
true. The fonts currently usable by the MathML rendering engine are:

- STIX fonts (since at least Firefox 4.0)
- Asana Math font (since Firefox 7.0)
- MathJax fonts (since Firefox 13.0)

For more details, see

I would be really grateful if you could update the suggested font 
packages for MathML.

Best regards,

Frédéric Wang

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