Minutes from the 12.04.1 team meeting (Thursday 14th of June)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 20 14:25:01 UTC 2012

The second 12.04.1 team meeting took place at 14:00 UTC on Thursday the
14th of June 2012.

 - arges
 - jamespage
 - jibel
 - seb128
 - skaet
 - stgraber (chair)
 - stokachu
 - xnox

 - The L3 team is busy working on multiarching a set of desktop
libraries, all of these are now targeted to precise and milestoned for
12.04.1. Most of them should make it for 12.04.1, 3 of these may get
   Full 12.04.1 bug list can be found at:
 - We briefly discussed having a custom report for 12.04.1 showing us
bugs that have patches/branches linked to them and are fixed in the dev
release as these are easy SRU target. arges will be working on that.

Team status updates:
 - L3/SEG are working on getting a list of needed SRUs and are actively
working on the multi-arch SRUs.
 - QA: Running image and upgrade testing, investigating a universe
upgrade failure.
 - Desktop: Pushed gnome updates and working on desktop SRUs.
 - Server: Worked on their SRU report, added 12.04.1 to the server team
meeting agenda, working on the openstack SRUs and other server related SRUs.
 - Foundations: Investigating what filesystem related packages should be
SRUed, will likely be a mix of SRUs and backports. Also been helping
getting the number of SRUs pending verification down by doing regular
testing of >7 days packages.
 - Release manager: Grouped all the 12.04.1 blueprint together
working on improving SRU workflow.

 - arges: to work on a 12.04.1 bug report, showing targeted bugs and
information on status in development release, patches attached and
branches linked
 - xnox: to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. fs/storage testing

Full meeting logs are available here:

The next meeting will be on Thursday the 28th of June at 14:00 UTC
(#ubuntu-meeting on freenode).

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer

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