Releasing Alphas and Betas without "freezing"

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Wed Jun 20 06:20:56 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 8:06 PM, Michael Casadevall
<mcasadevall at> wrote:
> Many critical issues with ARM (and to a lesser extent x86)
> have only been found during milestone testing. Without a set of
> defined and organized images for testing, more obscure parts of the
> installer simply do not get tested; for instance, how many people are
> going to test all possible server configurations or test the installer
> with no network.
But, again, why is the set of "defined organized testing" for
milestones? That seems much too infrequent. Dependence on milestones
is creating a lack of quality in this area, not improving it. We
should not be allowing days to go by without a usable image. And,
again, this is completely orthogonal to whether we freeze the archive
for milestones, or have milestones at all. In other words, milestones
seem a poor means to accomplish your goals here. We should organize a
more rigorous and frequent cadence of testing for ARM images.

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