Patch pilot report, 2012-06-20.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed Jun 20 03:10:29 UTC 2012

lp:~cairo-dock-team/ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock/3.0.2 - Still some conflicts when attempting to merge into lp:ubuntu/cairo-dock, asked for this to be fixed.

lp:~cairo-dock-team/ubuntu/quantal/cairo-dock-plug-ins/3.0.2 - Merges, but can't be test build due to a build-dep on cairo-dock >= 3.0.2, so cannot process this request for now.

lp:~logan/ubuntu/quantal/tboot/new-upstream - Uploaded, seems this package is in Ubuntu only at this point in time.

lp:~logan/ubuntu/quantal/swauth/new-upstream - Uploaded.

lp:~geoubuntu/ubuntu/quantal/gnomeradio/1013383bzr - Doesn't merge cleanly into the ubuntu branch, requested a fix.

lp:~logan/ubuntu/quantal/tovid/debian-watch - Uploaded.

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