Reducing Number of Ubuntu Images

Jason Warner jason.warner at
Tue Jun 19 01:04:13 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone -

I wanted to send a mail about several specific blueprints and some ongoing
work that is happening to be sure everyone is aware and can discuss

First, the ongoing discussion about default image size. We discuss this
nearly every cycle and going into Precise the CD requirement was removed,
even though we still used it for 12.04. You can find the discussion in the

Secondly, we've had a proliferation of images over the past couple of years
and with any widening of scope, it brings challenges. In the images case,
it means more testing, more maintenance, more spins, more looking after
specific bits that might be in the extreme minority.

With that in mind, there is a blueprint here that talks about reducing the
number of images we have and focusing on core images. Specifically, trying
to drive to one 800MB USB image[1].

The above is the proposed path forward. Obviously this could possibly
impact people in numerous and diverse ways and we'd like to hear about
those. Keep in mind that the real goal is to tighten the focus and
continually increase the quality bar for Ubuntu. Any time we can
consolidate and gain small amounts of time, energy or flexibility are wins
that add up over time to increased capacity to deliver the quality we all

One last note, we are working on these changes for Ubuntu Desktop Images.
This would not impact derivatives unless they choose to follow suit.


[1] - There is another blueprint that details the work needed before we can
drop the alternate iso:
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