Releasing Alphas and Betas without "freezing"

Robert Ancell robert.ancell at
Sun Jun 17 21:25:39 UTC 2012

On 16/06/12 02:12, Rick Spencer wrote:
> In short, freezing the archive before an alpha or beta should not
> actually be contributing to either ensuring the installability of
> Ubuntu images or ensuring the quality of these images. This implies,
> therefore, that all the work around freezing, and all the productivity
> lost during a freeze, actually subtracts from the quality of Ubuntu by
> reducing our overall velocity for both features and bug fixes, since
> every day the image is good quality, and Alpha or Beta should be just
> that day's image tagged appropriately.
In particular I find the alpha freeze kills our velocity and I wonder
how more useful than a daily build the alpha release is (given it's so
early in the cycle anyway).  I'd support dropping the alpha and pointing
at the dailies.

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