Releasing Alphas and Betas without "freezing"

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Fri Jun 15 14:41:51 UTC 2012

>> Cheers, Rick
> Hi Rick,
> We certainly want to allow people to upload stuff to -proposed during a
> milestone week, but I don't agree that we should automatically copy from
> -proposed to the release pocket during a milestone week.
> We usually try to release all our images with the same versions of the
> packages, considering it takes us hours to rebuild everything, having
> seeded packages land during that time, will lead to images having
> different version of packages.
> As for what happened with Alpha 1, we simply asked everyone to upload
> their packages to -proposed and then cherry picked the packages we
> actually needed for the release from -proposed and copied them into the
> release pocket before rebuilding the images (we did that 3 times).
If you have to go in and cherry pick packages to copy over, would it
not make more sense to simply automatically copy everything over?
Everything will be properly built before it is copied over anyway,

> As I understand it, the plan going forward is to have the release pocket
> be an alias of -proposed on upload, so that everything always lands into
> -proposed.
> After something lands in -proposed, is properly built and passes
> whatever other criteria we'll have, the package will be automatically
> copied to the release pocket.
> That last part (copy to the release pocket) would be what we'd block
> during a milestone week for any package that's seeded. These would be
> copied on a case by case basis by the release team and the images
> rebuilt afterwards.
This sounds exactly like a freeze. You upload a package and it doesn't
land in the distro for a week. That's a serious drag on velocity, and
I don't see that it buys us anything but lost productivity and busy
work as I described in my initial mail.

The essential point is, Ubuntu should be good every day. There should
be nothing special about an alpha or beta, it's simply the daily image
on some chosen day. Making them special doesn't buy us anything, but
has costs.

> That'd essentially allow any non-seeded package to still flow to the
> release pocket and be available for everyone.
> All the others will be available for people running with -proposed
> enabled or will be available when we manually copy them to the release
> pocket or right after we release the milestone and we copy everything
> left in -proposed to the release pocket.
I thought it was specifically an anti-goal for people to run proposed
during the development release. It would just expose developers to all
the problems that we have without having proposed at all, and
furthermore means that some developers are using proposed, while
others aren't, splitting attention and sewing confusion.

Cheers, Rick

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