Patch Pilot Report 20120615

James Page at
Fri Jun 15 12:08:07 UTC 2012

Report for my patch piloting today:
  - Made minor tweak to OSGi manifest for new upstream release and
  - Checked bug report for SRU details (now present).  Changelog entry
still needs to be more verbose and versioned Build-Depends in not
present - provided further feedback to proposer.
  - Already uploaded elsewhere - requested rejection of MP in -devel.
  - Pushed debdiff to the folsom-proposed branch that feeds the
OpenStack CI environment and is the basis for the next archive upload.
Unsubscribed Ubuntu Sponsors.
  - Already uploaded - marked as 'Merged'.
  - Unsubscribed sponsors - nothing todo at this point in time.
  - Provided feedback to proposer about how new upstream releases of
openstack components are managed by the server-dev team.  Asked them
to re-submit the branch as the bug fix is OK still.  Marked WIP.
   - Already uploaded to -proposed for SRU testing - not sure how to
make these disappear from the sponsoring report.
   - Proposed merges for linked branches and un-subscribed sponsors
from main bug.
   - Both merges lacking sufficient changelog detail and incorrect
version numbers - provided feedback and set to WIP.
   - Nothing for ubuntu-sponsors TODO - unsubscribed. Pending mentor
upload in Debian.
   - Merged OK - uploaded
   - Already merged - marked appropriately.
   - Removed task for precise - not appropriate;  Reporter already
asked to submit to Debian; unsubscribing ubuntu-sponsors as no further
action required.
   - Uploaded and synced from Debian already - marked 'Fix Released'
with comment.
   - Uploaded
   - Already uploaded to -proposed - added comment to bug report to
re-iterate requirement for SRU documentation.
   - Un-subscribed ubuntu-sponsors - no action currently required.
   - Checked with cjwatson this was OK (new upstream release) tested
and uploaded.
   - Not actually a bug; responded to reporter and thanked the
contributor for preparing the patch but its not required.
   - Added an extra comment about the apache2 change already in
-proposed which enables this to be fixed.
   - Uploaded.

Comment for the day:

SRU's which have been uploaded but not accepted are hard to
differentiate on the report - they don't require any further sponsor
action so it would be good to be able to filter those out if possible.



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