Minutes from the 12.04.1 team meeting (Thursday 26th of July)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 26 15:10:51 UTC 2012

The sixth 12.04.1 team meeting took place at 14:00 UTC on Thursday the
26th of July 2012.

== Attendees ==
 * arges
 * jibel_
 * NCommander
 * seb128
 * skaet
 * smoser
 * stgraber (chair)

== Notes ==
=== Deadlines ===
The upcoming deadlines are:
 * 2012/08/02: Beginning of PointReleaseProcess and
 * 2012/08/09: KernelFreeze, LanguageTranslationDeadline, SRU Fix
Validation Testing
 * 2012/08/16: FinalFreeze, ReleaseNoteFreeze
 * 2012/08/23: Ubuntu 12.04.1

=== Bugs ===
The number of targeted bugs went from 120 last week to 106.
Of these 106, 45 are in fix commited state (likely waiting in -proposed)
and 14 are marked "in progress" (waiting to be approved).

So that's 47 bugs that still need fixing of which 19 aren't assigned to

The full list of bugs can be found at:
The list of remaining bugs to fix can be found at: http://goo.gl/RUiZe
Some of these aren't assigned to someone yet: http://goo.gl/22zV2

xnox offered to help arges and stokachu with the required rdepends
rebuild for their multiarch packages by using his rebuild scripts on the
HP cloud.

If someone has fixes that will be uploaded after the deadline and this
was agreed with the release team, please let me know, otherwise I'll
move all remaining bugs to 12.04.2 on the 2nd of August at 21:00 UTC.

=== Oversizedness ===
The daily-live media for all architectures but powerpc are currently
oversized, this is at least partly caused by duplicate kernel headers on
the media. A fix should be uploaded shortly so we'll know whether
further actions are required to get 12.04.1 to fit on the media.

== Team status updates ==
 - Foundations: Uploaded a few more bugfixes, cleaned up the bug list,
updated statuses, done some verification and reminded people about the
 - L3: Worked on point-release dashboard.
 - Server: Gone through the bug list, not sure what to expect for maas
in 12.04.1, some other SRUs going through.
 - PES: highbank enabled is in -updates and being verified
 - QA: Doing SRU verification, no regression found so far, problems with
alternates and server images not being installable due to kernel
mismatch, oem install missing ubiquity.
 - Desktop: unity SRU is in proposed, compiz should be uploaded soon,
some smaller gnome fixes too and that should be it for .1
 - Release: Discussed with vanhoof the cedartrail* landing late,
looking into a bug with the slideshow on a fresh install,  settled with
martin and david that david will be doing the translation updates.
Doing calculations to add rest of LTS dailies to cron job,  will add
after A3 publishes.

== Actions ==
 * xnox to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. fs/storage testing

== Next meeting ==

Full meeting log is available here:

The next meeting will be on Thursday the 2nd of August at 14:00 UTC
(#ubuntu-meeting on freenode).

Useful resources and the meeting agenda are available at:

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer

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