Using webkit 1.8 for the LTS(?)

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Mon Jan 23 16:38:19 UTC 2012

On 29 November 2011 13:55, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> So following-up on the email I just sent and trying to improve how we decide
> on things that might have an impact on others teams I would like to discuss
> what version of webkit we will use for the LTS.
> In Oneiric we stayed on 1.4 because we were unsure that 1.6 would be on
> time, that leaded to some issues with GNOME (which started using the new
> version). We discussed the topic with upstream since and they said they
> follow the GNOME schedule nowadays and the project and team is active enough
> that there should be no issue for them to stay on track.
> We discussed a bit, at UDS, what version to track for Precise and the
> consensus seemed to be that we would benefit to have the most recent version
> and should go for 1.8 (which will turn stable in march). I still need to
> confirm with upstream that they will keep supporting gtk2 as a build time
> option for that serie (I pinged them today but didn't get a reply yet).
> What is your take on using webkit 1.8? Is that choice good for other teams?
> Is there any issue or concern you have about updating?

WebKit 1.7.4 is now available in the ubuntu-desktop PPA. The WebKit
developers have not enabled building WebKit2 by default and since
we've not overridden that option, WebKit2 isn't available.

The only known issue at the moment is that Software Center crashes
with the new WebKit. Please test your apps so that we can identify any
other problems early.

Jeremy Bicha

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