stable+1 team December report/handover

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jan 9 16:55:50 UTC 2012

Colin Watson [2012-01-09 15:26 +0000]:
> """
> * The new version uses LGPLv3+/GPLv3+ instead of v2+, and can
>   therefore not be used in GPLv2 projects anymore. (Hello, cups!)
> """
> So this is awkward: libcupsys2 is in desktop, and this implies that
> we'll find it hard to avoid duplication to the tune of a bit under half
> a megabyte.

Just for the record, cups can be built against different libs:

  --enable-cdsassl        use CDSA for SSL/TLS support, default=first
  --enable-gnutls         use GNU TLS for SSL/TLS support, default=second
  --enable-openssl        use OpenSSL for SSL/TLS support, default=third

I'm not entirely sure what CDSA is, but I don't think we have it
packaged. We can build it against OpenSSL, but I understand that
OpenSSL can't be linked to GPL programs either?


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