ClickPads and Click Actions

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Feb 29 22:11:12 UTC 2012

Chase, I would try and make the use case of clicking and dragging along
with 2 finger clicking work. The other scenario could possibly be worked
out via a ppa or script for users who wish to change or otherwise enable
the split clickpad. I personally don't like the split clickpad idea and
I think making things standard for all users would be best. Aka,

1 finger tap/click = left click
2 finger tap/click = right click
multitouch click and drag = just works :-)

It's late and I'm failing to remember.. is tap to click configurable for
this? IE, I can tap the clickpad for a click, or I have to depress the
clickpad to register a click.


On 02/29/2012 04:11 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm sending this to both ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-desktop to try to get
> a larger pool of feedback.
> I recently added "ClickPad" support in Precise. This is automatically
> picked up by most Synaptics and all Apple Macbook trackpads. It will
> soon be picked up by more Synaptics trackpads and the Apple Magic
> Trackpad. ClickPad support entails the ability to press the trackpad
> with one finger and perform a drag by moving a second finger.
> The problem we face is that currently "ClickPad" support conflicts
> with "click actions". Click actions is the term for supporting right
> button behavior by clicking on the trackpad with two fingers. This has
> been supported for years, and has helped people perform right clicks
> on clickpad devices before the clickpad support landed in Precise.
> Unfortunately, we can't have clickpad support and click action support
> at the same time yet (ran out of time for Precise).
> One feature that hasn't been turned on by default yet is a right
> button area. On Synaptics trackpads, the lower right area of the
> trackpad is marked as a right button. If you enable the right button
> area and then press with one finger in the area, a right button click
> will be emitted.
> We can enable the right button area by default for all clickpads. The
> problem is that Apple trackpads do not have a marking for a right
> button area, and OS X doesn't provide such a feature. People coming
> from OS X will have to figure out that we a) don't have click action
> support, and b) if you click in the lower right area you will perform
> a right button click. However, people coming from OS X also expect to
> be able to click and drag with two fingers...
> Our options are:
> * Disable clickpad support by default
> * Enable clickpad support, but disable right button area by default
> * Enable clickpad support and right button area by default
> We can have a different default for Apple trackpads and everything else.
> The next Precise kernel will enable clickpad support for all known
> trackpads by default, but right button area remains disabled. Until
> then, you can manually enable support by finding your trackpad device
> id using 'xinput', then running the following scripts:
> If you have tried all the options and have an opinion on which option
> we should take, please send your thoughts.
> Thanks!
> -- Chase

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