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Fri Feb 10 22:21:04 UTC 2012

I’m going to create Ubuntu Algorithms Team, which will be responsible for:

* Helping developers in the implementation of the latest and hard to
understand algorithms
* Detection of ‘bottlenecks’ at boot time and during run time of Ubuntu and
coming up with ways to improve their
* Informing the community about the latest scientific works and ideas,
where they can be of use in Ubuntu, as well as some advices on the
practical use of existing algorithms.

This would be done through:
* Establishment of the Launchpad page, where developers will be able to
submit their problems and situations that most slow down the program using
the launchpad bug system. UAT members will seek a solution, or state that
at the present state of science, solution does not exist.
* Issuing a monthly review of the major scientific achievements that may be
related to Ubuntu
* Internal training programmers in the field of algorithms and data
structures (useful especially for beginners)

Please write your comments.
This team will be useful to you?
Do you need training in algorithms?
Will I find other people who also are interested in algorithms and will
want to join with me to help community as member of the Ubuntu Algorithms

Marek Bardoński
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