ubuntu nexus 7 meeting notes, 7 Dec 2012

Kyle Nitzsche kyle.nitzsche at canonical.com
Fri Dec 7 17:05:56 UTC 2012

 * Alex Chiang away, Kyle Nitzsche moderated
 * R status: nux fixes landed, but not drop shadow fix, BT not working due to
brcm-patchram which ogra is trying to get mainlined, plan B/hack is a userspace
approach by ayan that could go in PPA
 * Installer version 1.7 supports R and has landed in PPA:
 * usb-creator work starting up and will eventually replace installer approach
with distro support
 * clarified that re-flashing to R is the "recommended" approach over
dist-upgrade for various reasons including: avoiding some known issues, R uses
oem-config, which allows you to set your language/timezone/account
 * status on Valgrind memory leak detection: Alex's valgrind patch to take a
path to a dir with additional debug symbols landed. Kyle's work to add
apport-valgrind <executable> to apport (which creates the debug symbol dir) is
 * askubuntu FAQ doesn't seem sufficiently populated and wiki FAQ still exists

 * sfeole to ensure wiki clearly states reflashing to R is preferred over
 * sfeole to massage wiki -> askubuntu FAQ situation

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