Installing on RAID with Ubiquity [was: Proposal to drop Ubuntu alternate CDs for 12.10]

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Aug 29 05:32:31 UTC 2012

Steve Langasek [2012-08-28 16:12 -0700]:
> >  * It would be nice if Ubiquity could install mdadm for me if it sees
> >    that any of its target partitions are on /dev/md*.

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> >  * After that, booting fails because the generated grub configuration
> >    hardcodes /dev/md0p1, but initramfs/kernel create it as /dev/md127p1. 
> >    It would be nice if grub/Ubiquity used UUIDs for the root partition
> >    as usual; in the initramfs /dev/disks/by-uuid/... exists just fine.

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> I'm not convinced that this is an install method we would want to recommend
> to users

Heh, certainly not. But if these two issues were fixed, then someone
who already knows how to use mdadm would get a working result, so it
might be a little less painful in some circumstances.

> , but it seems like the work to fix these issues would be a
> prerequisite for supporting RAID in ubiquity - so yes, please file
> bugs about this.



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