Patch pilot report 2012-08-20

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Aug 20 20:38:02 UTC 2012

 * LP: 1027324: globus-gridftp-server security update. Review 
   lucid-precise against upstream patches. ACK, publish t -security
 * LP: 1027323: globus-gridftp-server-control security update. Review 
   lucid-precise against upstream patches: ACK, publish to -security
 * LP: 959795: package trousers 0.3.7-2ubuntu1 failed to 
   install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script 
   returned error exit status 137. After quite a bit of review to 
   understand the problem, ACK, upload to 12.10
 * LP: 1016895: smbd crashed with SIGABRT in dump_core(), NAK (needs 
   DEP-3 for patch origin verification, etc)
 * lp:~jm-leddy/ubuntu/quantal/transmageddon/lowercaseify_gst: NAK (no 
   longer needed)
 * LP: 1004239: lirc postinst lists modules from incorrect directory - 
   ACK, upload to 12.10
 * lp:~logan/ubuntu/quantal/tcpdump/debian-merge into 
   lp:ubuntu/tcpdump: ACK, test with QRT upload to 12.10
 * Merge lp:~anthonywong/udisks/lp435192 into lp:ubuntu/udisks: NAK 
   (patches modified outside of patch system)
 * lp:~bkerensa/ubuntu/quantal/landscape-client/fix-for-962974 into 
   lp:ubuntu/landscape-client: asked for information from landscape team

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