Putting files into a /opt folder for cross-platform compatibility

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Wed Aug 8 21:38:53 UTC 2012

Virtual GL is a program I'd like to bring to Ubuntu at some point.  It's 
already been packaged by the Bumblebee project, however the upstream 
author doesn't quite like their version of the packaging precisely 
because it's policy compliant.

Basically, the "normal" way virtualgl is distributed is by installing to 
a special folder within /opt, on whatever platform (Linux, Mac, Solaris, 
etc).  This makes the manual consistent, and allows certain scripts to 
run crossplatform.

Would a sort of virtualgl-compat package that puts symlinks in /opt 
pointing to the appropriate files in the real package be acceptable for 
the archive?

Scott Ritchie

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