Screensaver in Quantal

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Apr 26 08:28:15 UTC 2012

Le 26/04/2012 03:27, Benjamin Kerensa a écrit :
> I was wondering if anyone had given thought to re-implementing 
> Screensaver in Quantal. I know that there was at one point a spec
> to re-implement Screensaver for Gnome 3.
> It seems to me that this could have been a potentially good feature to 
> have shipped in Precise but going forward is this something that
> Ubuntu will offer to the end user? 

We would like really much to get that feature back, it has not made on 
the schedule previous cycles simply because we had higher priority 
things on our list, which is likely going to be the case again next 
cycle. If somebody is interested to work on that and need guidance feel 
free to step in and contact us though, we can probably help and we will 
be happy to do reviews and include it in the desktop once it's ready.

Sebastien Bacher

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