Quantal plans for Python 3

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 26 00:07:36 UTC 2012

It is a release goal for Ubuntu 12.10 to ship only Python 3 on the desktop CD


This is an ambitious goal that we hope folks from Ubuntu, Debian, and the
wider Python community will participate in.  We have our list of priorities,
in a shared Google docs spreadsheet:


The blueprint for UDS-Q is here:


This does not affect other images such as server, or other *buntu flavors.
Also, the default Python (/usr/bin/python) will not change, and Python 2.7
will still be available in main.

Of course, we want to push as much of this work as far upstream as possible.
This may include shepherding patches through upstream, helping to expand the
Debian packaging to include Python 3 versions, and porting Ubuntu-specific
applications.  I think now is the perfect time to make sustained, serious
momentum toward Python 3, and Ubuntu can lead the way.

There are a lot of packages to port, and we need your help.  Fortunately,
there are also a lot of resources available to provide guidance.

 * http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-porting
   Mailing list for discussion of porting issues

 * #python3 on Freenode
   Real-time assistance

 * http://getpython3.com/
   General Python 3 resources, forkable on github

 * http://python3porting.com/
   Lennart Regebro's excellent in-depth porting guide

 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python/3
   My quick guide for porting

 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python/FoundationsQPythonVersions
   Detailed plans for Python 3 on Ubuntu 12.10

 * http://tinyurl.com/6vm3egu
   My recent blog post on Ubuntu's plans for Python 3

 * http://tinyurl.com/7dsyywo
   Ubuntu's top priorities for porting, as a shared Google doc spreadsheet

Many of these pages have additional links and resources for porting, and can
help you find packages that need resources in getting to Python 3.

Please help us realize this important release goal for Ubuntu 12.10.

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