Patch pilot report 2012-04-24

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre mathieu-tl at
Tue Apr 24 21:04:21 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

This is what I got through today:

lp:~jm-leddy/ubuntu/oneiric/gvfs/fix-899858 --
	sponsored to oneiric-proposed with minor fixes. Unsubscribed sponsors
from bug 899858 ( which was also in the list.

iBus indicator does not show on the panel ( --
	There is a workaround suggested that it pretty simple but seems like
there should be a better way to solve the issue than restarting the
ibus-daemon and forcing it to replace any existing one on session
startup. Suggested that it needs to be looked into with the ibus
indicator. I intend to hack on it myself later today or tomorrow.
Unsubscribed sponsors for the time being.

lp:~computerwiz908/ubuntu/precise/xchat/fix-for-584207 --
	suggested notifying translators since the change would affect UI translations.

evolution-exchange is ignoring already translated menu-items
(Permissions..., Berechtigungen...) ( --
	Translations are missing because evolution-exchange doesn't use a
function that evolution introduces in 3.4 to deal with translating
menu items as required; so it needs more work to backport that change
to evolution -- unsubscribed sponsors, I gave Vibhav all the hints
needed on how to get this done easily; the evo patch is
straightforward so should be easy to sponsor as SRU when done.

[SRU] Mouse Wheel does not work in RDP/VNC (12.04) ( --
	Looks reasonable for SRU, just missing description updates as per the
usual procedures. Unsubscribed sponsors and re-assigned to myself just
to re-test this before sponsoring, in a few hours.

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