A useful tool: seeded-in-ubuntu

Stefano Rivera stefanor at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 12 15:51:32 UTC 2012

Two weeks from release, now that we're pretty much at final freeze, it's
worth mentioning a tool we added to ubuntu-dev-tools, last cylcle:

If you haven't come across it, yet, here's a brief description:

It can be hard to tell whether it's safe to touch a package, when the
archive is frozen. The Tasks on binary packages don't corrospond
directly to the presence of a package on a CD image. And during freezes,
it's the stability of the CD builds that matters.

So, we have a job that scrapes the CD build manifests hourly, and
creates a database of seeded packages. It also knows about the supported
seed, which is unrelated to images.

The client for this database is 'seeded-in-ubuntu', in ubuntu-dev-tools.
I hope you find this useful during freezes.

For anyone who is interested, the database is generated by


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