Getting new packages into Ubuntu

Barry Warsaw barry at
Tue Sep 20 12:08:27 UTC 2011

On Sep 19, 2011, at 02:07 PM, Alex Chiang wrote:

>I did manage to get good feedback about my python module from
>both debian-mentors mailing list and #debian-python. It's partly
>a matter of finding time to address comments; partly that
>Packaging Is Hard, even for someone who kinda knows what they're

Just a small point: for Python specific packages, the debian-python mailing
list is probably better than the general mentors list.  Other teams may also
have more specific lists that can help you too, so you should look up
whatever's relevant for your interests.

On a more general note, while I agree that it's preferable to get packages
into Ubuntu by way of Debian, it's important to recognize that the two distros
have very different workflows, schedules, tools, and cultures.  Both work very
well when you're mainly concentrating on one distro or the other, but there
are still a lot of rough spots when crossing over between the two.  It's true
that Ubuntu benefits greatly from the work done in Debian, and I think it
would be valuable to find ways for Debian to benefit more from the work done
in Ubuntu.  Somehow it just seems there should be better ways to share bugs,
branches, reputation, reviews, and experience.


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