Getting new packages into Ubuntu

Allison Randal allison at
Mon Sep 19 20:27:42 UTC 2011

On 09/19/2011 01:03 PM, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> Why not discourage REVU completely?

I was looking through the lists of packages currently in REVU last week,
some sitting with no action for a long time. So far, I haven't seen any
packages that wouldn't have been better submitted to Debian. Now, there
is an information bias here, because the package proposals that were a
perfect match for direct addition to Ubuntu may have already been
successfully reviewed, approved, added to the archive and the proposals
closed out. The next useful data point, for any successful direct
additions from REVU, is whether we managed to propose them upstream to
Debian after inclusion in Ubuntu.

But, I think the deeper question is whether developers here in Ubuntu,
who would have been looking at the REVU queues, would be willing to
spend that time reviewing the same package proposals for Debian. You
don't have to be a DD or DM to do package reviews in the new It's beneficial to direct new packages upstream, but
we also need to recognize the workload we're adding to the Debian
volunteers if we send all new package reviews to Debian.

On my todo list for this week is talking with Asheesh and Stefano to get
a sense of how successful the new is so far.


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