Patch pilot report 2011-09-08

Didier Roche didrocks at
Thu Sep 8 10:05:39 UTC 2011


Some notes from today's patch piloting:
-> enable building simple-ccsm, but the 0.8 version won't work with 
compiz 0.9, asking for checking upstream if there is a new version
-> looks good and works well, sponsored
-> approved, asked for a UIFe, teams +1 the change, sponsored
-> seems it was sponsored but the branch wasn't used. Set as "merged"
-> changed slightly the patch (to patch as well in case we 
run autoreconf one day) and sponsored. Asked to forward it upstream as 
well (which was promptly done!).
-> update maintainer and comment on the merge how to do so. Directly 
sent the fix upstream as well.
-> debian maintainer aware (and there is a debian mentoring request for 
changing the build system to use scon). Sponsoring this less intrusive 
change for now and we can sync back next cycle.
-> changes needed to be forwarded to debian (debian/control description) 
and some explanation about the process

The sponsoring queue was huge, most of them due to package importer 
conflict, so I decided to spend some time looking at them.
Most of them are due to the format 3 (quilt) conflict of applying 
patches before autocommiting (set as WIP to unsuscribe them as there is 
still no way to reject them as per bug:
Few of them was due to a missing imported revision apparently.

I kept the most suspicious ones on the list (didn't change their status 
on purpose for further investigation)


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