Patch Pilot Report 20110830

James Page at
Fri Sep 2 12:21:19 UTC 2011

Notes from my first patch pilot slot on Tuesday this week.

        Minor behavioural change to default apache2 virtualhost/site;
        does not actually resolve the associated bug and not really
        worth merging as increases the delta with Debian and changes
        default behaviour.  Requested that this be reported against
        Apache2 in Debian, marked branch as disapproved and marked bug
        report as 'Opinion' as default handling of mod_rewrite
        configuration in VirtualHosts does merit more debate.

        Blocked by SRU already in -proposed for this package, updated
        bug report to document this and what will need to be done to the
        proposed branches when SRU process complete - all three branches
        marked as 'Needs Fixing' referring to linked bug.



James Page
Ubuntu Server Developer

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