Why the "two step" recovery mode?

Dane Mutters dmutters at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 05:22:47 UTC 2011

I'm not a regular on this list, but as a computer technician who's had to
put up with frustrated users who don't read menus and such carefully (or
understand them), let me just say:

+1 !

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:16 AM, sirius at sonnenkinder.org <
sirius at sonnenkinder.org> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to know the motivation behind the change made to the recovery mode
> in Oneiric. For those who don't know: selecting the '(recovery mode)' entry
> in GRUB now stops in a read-only mode with following menu:
> Recovery Menu (limited read-only menu)
>  * resume   Resume normal boot
>  * fsck     Check all file systems (will exit read-only mode)
>  * remount  Remount / read/write and mount all other file systems
>  * root     Drop to root shell prompt
> After selecting 'remount' (and pressing Enter after a successful remount),
> a second menu shows up:
> Recovery Menu
>  * resume   Resume normal boot
>  * clean    Try to make free space
>  * dpkg     Repair broken packages
>  * grub     Update grub bootloader
>  * netroot  Drop to root shell prompt with networking
>  * root     Drop to root shell prompt
> So far so good. The problem with this is, that users don't realize that
> something has changed. They follow some guide involving using the recovery
> mode to get to a root shell prompt, they see that option in the first menu,
> and land in a read-only environment instead. The result:
> "This doesn't work!"
> "How can I remount the file system?"
> "I think my file system is damaged."
> To ask the obvious question: Why haven't those menus be merged? Three of
> the four entries in the first menu will leave the read-only mode, so why not
> add 'fsck' and 'read-only' to the second one and make lots of authors and
> users happy again? :)
> Greetings,
> Hernando Torque
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