Patch Pilot report 2011/10/25

Christopher James Halse Rogers raof at
Tue Oct 25 07:51:03 UTC 2011

Mostly annoyed by the fact that only members of Ubuntu branches can
change the status on merge proposals targetted at non-current releases,
which meas we've got a bunch of merge proposals that are needlessly
cluttering the sponsorship queue.  This is apparently and there's also .  I think these bugs
should be escalated :)

The following merges require status changes:
      * Needs reject, fixed in Oneiric and not an SRUable change
      * Needs reject, should be fixed upstream
      * Needs setting to "merged"
      * Needs setting to "In Progress", should be retargetted against
      * Needs reject, best fixed upstream
      * Needs setting to "in progress"; unaddressed feedback on bug.

For the rest I tried to close out some longstanding sponsorship items
      * This set of plymouth and related merge requests have been
        commented on upstream. Pinged the submitter to check that
        they've received the feedback and are planning to update the

      * Checked that everything is ready to make this change; it is.
        Sent email to ubuntu-devel to gather potential NAKs before
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