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Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Oct 21 09:43:38 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

[ I shamelessly stole parts of the announcement from Stefano
Zacchiroli's post to debian-devel at . ]

Google Code-in is a contest for pre-university students (e.g., high
school and secondary school students ages 13-17) with the goal of
encouraging young people to participate in open source.

If we want to participate we need volunteers who are willing to be
mentors and somebody helping with the organisation. Laura Czajkowski has
graciously agreed to help with the task of organising it. If you want to
be part of this initiative, please get in touch with her.

The tasks of admins will be:
- having time to devote to the task from the beginning of November to
  the beginning of January
- calling for / organizing ways to collect Debian "easy hacks", that
  will be given out as GCI tasks
- interacting with the students that will take part in GCI

The deadline for *project* applications in GCI is November 1st. We'll
need to have volunteers before that date, as it'd be pointless to apply
if we aren't sure Ubuntu can participate properly in GCI. According to
feedback from past admins, it'd be wise to have at least 3 volunteers
before deciding to apply.

Have a great day,

Ubuntu Open Week - 17th Oct to 21st Oct

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