proposal do disallow syncs of library packages from experimental without approval

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Wed Oct 5 17:07:03 UTC 2011

Hi Scott (2011.10.05_18:23:38_+0200)
> When I started a library transition I've always felt it was my job to drive it
> to closure.

That's certainly what I've always seen people say when asked how
transitions were managed in Ubuntu.

> If it's not clear that developers are responsible for this, then we ought to 
> communicate this better (and I include if you sponsor such an upload/sync then 
> I think you are on the hook for this, it's not just up to the non-developer 
> you are sponsoring - hopefully they'll do this, but you (the developer) are 
> the one responsible).

The sponsors not requesting testing and a transition effort commitment
is something I've noticed too. I see transition sync requests that I
don't look at immediately because they'll need a fair amount of review,
and 10 mins later someone has gleefully sponsored them because they
build successfully.


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