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Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Nov 17 22:55:42 UTC 2011

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 01:38:14PM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> I'm working on assembling a prioritized list of feature requests from
> the Ubuntu community for Launchpad for the upcoming stakeholder's
> meeting.
> So, if you have a burning desire for some change in launchpad, please
> let me know asap.  Email me directly (offlist).
> What I'm looking for are specific, tangible problems with Launchpad
> that, if solved, could enable the Ubuntu community to deliver a better
> Ubuntu.  This could range from making PPAs more useful, to getting bugs
> fixed faster, to automating drudgery, or to enabling more community
> participation in development processes.
> Also, two requests - 1) include a bug # reference for each idea (for
> tracking), and 2) please state the *problem* that needs solved, not just
> how you think it should be solved.
> I'll post the final list on wiki some time tomorrow.

Thank you to all who have contributed ideas and feedback on both bugs
and features for Launchpad.

Here are the features I'm currently carrying as Ubuntu Community
Stakeholder priorities:

  1. Semi-automatic bug forwarding to upstream bug trackers

  2. Better git importing to bzr.

  3. Wiki support integrated throughout Launchpad.
     [Semi-rejected; needs broken out with further definition]

  4. QA status/workflow tracking.
     [Needs further definition]

  5. Task tracking (in blueprints)

  6. Subscribe/unsubscribe from mails for build failures

Which of these actually get into the Launchpad official 18-month roadmap
(and when they're scheduled) is still to be determined; they'll publish
their official roadmap next month once they've folded these in with
other stakeholders' feature requests and their existing feature backlog.

The full list of feature requests I'm tracking (including the ones that
didn't make the cut) is here:

Many bugs have also been raised, which I will be escalating separately.
I am noting a few general themes appearing as popular:

  * upstream bug workflow

  * PPA usability

  * sponsor queue decluttering

  * native syncs workflow

The full list of bugs in the queue for escalation (and ones already
escalated) are at:


P.S. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or items to add.

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