Dropping i386 non-PAE as a supported kernel flavour in Precise Pangolin

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 15 05:53:05 UTC 2011

Jamie Strandboge [2011-11-14 12:24 -0600]:
> What about simply demoting the binary packages for this flavor, but
> still build it? We wouldn't have to explicitly test it for SRUs/security
> updates or deal with it with LTS backorts, but it would presumably still
> be in ok shape since we would be actively testing the i686 pae kernel.

I know that there is not much of an SRU policy left for the kernel,
but that doesn't work. If we expect people to run this kernel, we
can't just break it underneath them and render their systems broken.
We at least need to check that it still boots on a small number of

That approach would work better if the PAE kernel would be a separate
source package and thus _not_ get the thousands of changes that get
thrown into main kernel in stable updates. But I guess that wouldn't
make maintenance any easier?

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