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Mon Nov 14 11:05:31 UTC 2011


Am 14.11.2011 00:47, schrieb Scott Kitterman:
> On 11/12/2011 01:08 PM, Allison Randal wrote:
>> - The suggestion from the room was to close REVU now, and change the
>> documentation to point new packagers at #ubuntu-packaging and
>> #ubuntu-motu. It's not helpful to new developers to have a site running
>> and all the documentation saying to submit their packages there, when
>> they aren't going to get help there. The IRC channels are active, and a
>> good place to get help on packaging, and to get to know the Ubuntu
>> developers who might sponsor the new package, or advise the packager to
>> submit it to Debian instead.
> A web based tool to support publishing and reviewing packages seems 
> somewhat orthogonal to IRC channels to get help packaging.  I think it's 
> premature to shut down REVU until DEBEXPO is a full replacement (the 
> most critical thing for me it was missing last I checked was the ability 
> to give diffs of subsequent uploads of a package with the same 
> version/revision.

While it would be nice for debexpo to have a similar feature, it seems
more worrying to me that we still advertise a process that is broken and
we set wrong expectations.

Personally I'd rather like to see REVU closed, the documentation changed
and for packaging review (or general code review) any VCS be used, where
you can very easily track changes in packaging, without incrementing
packaging version numbers.

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