Patch Pilot report 2011-11-08

Clint Byrum clint at
Wed Nov 9 01:31:58 UTC 2011

- dobey already forked this and had it uploaded. (Delete or Work In Progress)
- commented on branch with instructions to fix start on line. (Work In Progress)
- Already NACK'd (Delete or Work In Progress)
- Disapproved, this was already addressed in Debian and will flow in
via merge or sync. (Delete or Work In Progress)
- already finished, was targetted incorrectly at lp:ubuntu/oneiric/cobbler
instead of lp:ubuntu/cobbler, so needs to be marked as Merged manually.

******* Need somebody from ubuntu-branches to mark the MP's above as "Work
in Progress", "Merged", or delete them, to get them off sponsorship queue. ******* - ibus-chewing Natty SRU - confirmed
that patch applies cleanly. Left comment on how to move forward with
the SRU process and unsubscribed ubuntu-sru and ubuntu-sponsors since
there is nothing more that can be done without feedback from the fixer. -
Already covered by other sponsors' comments (JAMES PAGE!). Unsubbed
ubuntu-sru and ubuntu-sponsors until such time as the bug is updated
with new sponsorable bits. - Saw that
cjwatson uploaded to lucid/maverick-proposed 11 hours ago, so reviewed
and accepted SRU. -
Commented asking for clarity before subscribing ubuntu-sponsors. Its
not clear at all what to do with this bug, and upstream seems to have
gone dark entirely. Unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors and changed status from
"Triaged" to "Confirmed" since the bug needs to be linked properly to
an upstream report. - Already
fixed in natty, removed ubuntu-sponsors. - patch
already uploaded, removed ubuntu-sponsors
- forwarded upstream and to Debian. Not uploading since there's little
sense getting out of sync with Debian for a typo. Removed ubuntu-sponsors
since there is nothing left to do.

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