Patch Pilot Report 2011-05-25

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Thu May 26 13:45:27 UTC 2011


 - bug 766559 (icedtea-web depending only on firefox): Not clear why
we'd even depend on a browser for this, can't we just suggest them like
in flashplugin-installer? (left a comment)

 - bug 787977 (indicator plugin for xfce when panel is vertical):
Reviewed upstream fixes, helped with debdiff, uploaded to Oneiric and

 - bug 664920 (SRU: 100% CPU usage when calling a child process from a
python script): Uploaded same SRU as natty in maverick. Someone will
need to rewrite the patch for lucid though.

 - bug 769827 (poppler cannot parse font weight "Medium"): checked that
patch applies to lucid's codebase then sponsored upload to -proposed

 - bug 770532 (init-checkconf reports that some stock network jobs have
invalid syntax): uploaded to Oneiric and to Natty-proposed (thanks to
slangasek for fixing the branch)

 - bug 762803 (missing dependency on python-aptdaemon-gtk in
ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk): uploaded to Natty-proposed

The following should be removed from the sponsor list: (empty diff) (rejected by mterry) and (mvo uploaded to proposed) (rejected by themuso)
(sponsoring was for the samba patch which is now in the archive)
(cjwatson uploaded to proposed)

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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