Computer Janitor to be removed from Oneiric?

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed May 18 20:56:44 UTC 2011

On May 18, 2011, at 04:01 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:

>However, if it is possible to programmatically generate a list of
>"packages you probably should remove" that does not often have false
>positives like Computer Janitor does, I'd be delighted to see the
>feature in Ubuntu Software Center.

How interesting!  Yes, it probably does make sense to move the UI into SC.  A
couple of cycles ago I think mvo and I briefly talked about a similar
integration into Update Manager.

Back in Maverick, I worked on separating the C-J logic from the UI by moving
the former into a dbus service.  Some of that code imports a Python package
out of U-M, where neither mvo nor I think it belongs.  So I think there's
opportunity here to:

* Remove the C-J code from U-M
* Refactor the C-J dbus service into a pure library with a dbus shim

That way, any desktop tool that wanted to use the C-J logic could either
import the library directly or talk to the service over dbus.  That should
make it easier to use in S-C or similar.

Of course, that also means we'd have to fix the false positives and other bugs
in the package deletion plugins.  But I'm interesting in doing the
refactoring, so I might take that on if others want to experiment with
exposing the functionality in S-C, U-M, or an improved C-J desktop app.

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