systemd for 11.10 ?

Phillip Susi psusi at
Wed May 11 13:34:50 UTC 2011

On 5/10/2011 10:31 PM, Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> Sorry, but this sounds really ridiculous right now. If systemd really prevents
> the creation of background processes that disconnect themselves from the task
> that init originally spawned, there's something seriously wrong with systemd,
> and I think we really shouldn't adopt it in Ubuntu, much less for the upcoming LTS.

SySV init always killed all processes when switching to runlevel 1.  It 
was a bit kludgy though because it just did a killall as the last step 
before starting up runlevel 1 jobs, rather than just shutting down all 
jobs in the current runlevel that are not also marked for runlevel 1.

The whole point of init is that it monitors what processes are running 
on the system and makes sure that those that are not supposed to be 
running in a given runlevel are not.  The fact that some processes can 
hide from init during some runlevel transitions is a bug, not a feature.

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