systemd for 11.10 ?

Steffen Barszus steffenbpunkt at
Tue May 10 10:46:19 UTC 2011

2011/5/9 Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at>:
> This is very funny, but there are some points raised in Lennart's
> comparison:
> that merit careful reflection; e.g. shell-free bootup, mount/automount
> handling, and disabling of services without editing files, to name a few.
>  There are other points that look interesting, but I don't know enough about
> what he means to comment.  No one, however, can tell me that the accepted
> method for disabling services in upstart isn't a kludge!  <:)

Not sure if my message will make it to the list, but anyway ....

What i completly miss in the discussion up to now is

- the proof that any system ever used systemd successfull in a released linux.
- the proof that systemd does anything better
- the proof that systemd approach is workable

And no i dont consider lennarts statements as proof.

So the discussion should be on how to evaluate systemd , and set a
number of criterias to benchmark both. Then the better one should be
planned for slow migration.

"Look its new and it has bells and whistles lets move to that" is not
a valid argument for moving to a new init.

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