systemd for 11.10 ?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon May 9 20:08:58 UTC 2011

Steve Langasek [2011-05-09 11:45 +0200]:
> This is not a transition that I would like to see Ubuntu starting one year
> before the next LTS with no prior preparation.  Even if Ubuntu decided to
> switch to systemd in the long term (which is by no means a decision that has
> been made yet!), switching now is sure to result in poor quality for the
> next LTS.

I agree that it is too late now. Starting with it in maverick would
have been an appropriate time for getting it as a default in 12.04
LTS, but less than two cycles just isn't enough to manage this

If at all, this transition should/could be prepared as a non-default
option now.  If we want to do it, then we should first
sync-unblacklist the systemd package and make it work at all, and keep
it in universe for people who know what they are doing. Then after
12.04 LTS we could consider making it a default and keep upstart in
the archive until the next LTS, for people who still need their custom
upstart jobs.

Until 12.04 I think we have enough to do already with stabilizing
Unity, Multiarch, Python 3, GNOME 3, and other things.

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