UDS-O About onscreen keyboard - display manager - dwelling

Alan Bell alanbell at ubuntu.com
Thu May 5 20:05:55 UTC 2011

Hi Francesco,

thanks for the email, that was informative and timely.

The discussions around different options came about because of a 
suggestion from the upstream Gnome accessibility team that we should 
consider using the 'official' gnome on-screen keyboard which is now 
Caribou. So far I have been unable to install caribou and I am not sure 
what it's good features are really. I think there should be one keyboard 
that serves as an accessibility tool, is the keyboard for tablets and 
touchscreens (including multitouch), looks good and can be used for 
innovative layouts such as the steno chording layout. One current 
challenge is getting the keyboard to type into the unity-3d interface 
(works fine in unity-2d) and this is mostly a unity issue although I 
wouldn't discount the possibility that some integration might need to 
touch the keyboard (things like the keyboard not zooming in and out with 
compiz zoom).

 > Does this mean that LightDM is going to replace GDM?
no, it means the possibility is going to be discussed at UDS. A lot of 
things get discussed and sometimes we decide not to do them - or maybe 
decide to revisit the possibility some releases later.

that is a good point and some interesting suggestions, we already know 
it is too hard to start onboard without the use of a hard keyboard, it 
would be ideal if dwelling could be turned on without clicking. (still 
not quite as bad as asking people to press space when they see the icon 
at the start of the installer to get to the screen reader install)


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