Why do we strip server binaries?

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Wed May 4 01:35:02 UTC 2011

On May 03, 2011, at 05:45 PM, Steve Langasek wrote:

>Which is the more common case: installing Ubuntu from a CD, or profiling /
>debugging a process after installation?

As always, "it depends" :)

For me, the latter is much more common.  I very rarely actually burn a CD,
even though I do fairly often download both the CD and DVD ISOs.  I almost
always mount them rather than burning a physical disk.

For me, unstripped binaries would be much more useful.  Of course, I also
recognize that I'm not a typical (or maybe, "the target") Ubuntu user.

This kind of touches on another use case that is kind of inconvenient for
developers like me.  I usually want lots of -dev packages but tracking those
down are kind of a pain.  Yes, `apt-get build-dep` helps, but not completely.

Maybe something that would be helpful would be a ubuntu-developer meta-package
that depended on the dbgsym and dev packages, so I could just get them all in
one fell swoop.  I generally don't care about network bandwidth or disk space,
so that might not be very typical either.

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