Can we fix apport to stop reporting all upgrade bugs against dpkg?

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at
Sun May 1 07:24:26 UTC 2011


whenever an upgrade fails early in the unpack (either broken preinst,
corrupted archive, etc.), APT still tries to configure it and
it results in a supplementary error in the upgrade log that looks like
dpkg: error processing onboard (--configure):
 package onboard is already installed and configured

Apport is analyzing this error message and decides that dpkg is the
culprit and the result is that there are hundreds of similar bugs
reported against dpkg. I have been reassigning them as they come since a
few weeks but it's getting boring very quickly.

APT needs to be fixed obviously but Michael Vogt has not been able to
reproduce it apparently. And then it only solves the problem for future
releases and I doubt we want to fix all the already-released APT. 

Introducing a work-around in the already released apport seems more
plausible. What do you think?


PS: An example of such a report with corrupted packages:
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