@pilot out 3011-03-31

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 31 22:26:38 UTC 2011

Here are some highlights of things I reviewed during my patch piloting today:

bug 727069 & merge proposal
Refers to "Administration" menu that doesn't exist in Unity

    Added a comment and set to Needs Fixing because under classic desktop,
    there still is a Administration menu item, which is where Update Manager
    lives.  And under Unity, "Applications place" doesn't really help much for
    finding Update Manager.

bug 665173 & merge proposal
update-manager shows error message twice...

    The patch looked reasonable, so I approved it (though I cannot upload
    it).  In the merge proposal I asked whether a test could be added.

bug 150677 & merge proposal
Update Manager does not respect gtk-button-images setting

    I couldn't see how the branch made any difference, but I am probably not
    testing it correctly.  Requested more information.

bug 717897
germinate should not examine all components in PPAs

    Reviewed the last patch by Tom Gall as best I could.  Tried to do some
    research into the package since I wasn't familiar with it.  Suggested he
    do a merge proposal, and gave some suggestions for possible better coding
    style.  Of course I can't upload and Colin is the expert, so I leave it to
    him to make the final determination.


    Reviewed, looks good.  Needs upload.


    Added a comment.

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